A woman who came to my talk last week at artofembracinglife.org had a very powerful, transformational healing. She was integrating it for a few days and has been so deeply touched, uplifted spiritually, and healed from what had been an intense ongoing physical pain. so she has been enthusiastically sharing her joy with her friends and wrote to me – here is our exchange:.

Elena: Sharie- i shared my Healing exp with others- they asking what you do and i do not know…Pls tell me two words to describe what you do or did to me- how do i explain miracle?

Sharie: I am an integral healer – as such I am always, and naturally, working on all levels of being, and everything I do is individualized, so it will be different for everyone depending on their need. My gifts are unique so they defy description. One word may be “Presence” – Supreme, deep, true, disarming, transformational Presence… or, as I have on my site, Body Centered Hypnotherapy, offered by a masterful, Angelic Presence….

Elena: Beautiful! Thank you! You wore all that!