Lonely Boston NewGrandMom (*) Braves Slush to Gawk at Trees

  • December 3, 2019
  • (OR: Magical Genius Arrives….)

Snow day and I say HEY!…

I am here, awake, alive, thinking, breathing, writing now too….

I am new to Boston, and urban environs. But not that new. More than a day or a month now…. a whole year, actually.

I walked after the snow. I was struck by sunset colors and sparkling trees on glass and iron gates and tiny Victorian homes, air crisp and gentle.

I am grateful for a gladness inside… Looking around as if never before on the planet (and why not!), I spy behind the quaint brownstone rows, looking magical as ever, streaks of bright sky. Slushy streets never so much enjoyed – even though cold soaked through to my toes even in these, my fav cushy rubber boots….

Today is the calculated Due Date for my grandbabies, Zion and Zanye, now 27 days from birth, and marks 21 days from new mom Raina’s 35th birthday.

So I decided that today I start another 21 day writing process for deep healing.

Here is the skinny on it:

Addressing seven major chakras, one per day for seven days, times 3.

Write at least 3 pages, or 12 minutes, everyday.

1st week: Forgive yourself for everything to do with each chakra, each day, starting with root.
2nd week: Forgive everyone else in your life and world, same format.
3rd week: Declare your intentions and celebrate balance, same format

I will let you know how it all unfolds.

Here I go.