Enter the realm of love. Do it now. Morning meditation.

If I look around, out my eyes, as if these material things matter, I am lost.

My heart will hurt for the balance of essence along with form. I can only hurt when I am lost in the world of form, including all these ideas and ideals – mental constructs. A nifty prison I can easily keep recreating if I am not vigilant and dedicated to the higher plane…

Oh Great Ones, Highest Spirit Master Teachers, infinite, bountiful Mother of All, mysterious, all-pervasive Matrix of Light, please lift me up above, now. Please keep me on the flow of the river, not drowning in it. Let me surrender and let go of my habits of “believing” in the shape and appearance of things, in so-called “circumstances” – which are always related to a story line. No doubt this story is spoken and repeated inside and out, cheered on by the obsessive, incessant commentary of a chattering monkey mind, as I like to call it – the one providing¬† inevitably painful distractions from true magic, immanent beauty, the ecstasy of knowing Life Force within.

No more. I am set free.

I rest deep, find peace, integrity, and wholeness; strength, ancient wisdom, radical honesty, and quiet nobility. Finding my true nature.

Day breaks with the hush of intense cold air, an atmospheric movement offering deep freeze to the Eastern Seaboard of Turtle Island this fine Winter Moon Day.¬† The house is warm, 528Hz healing music rings sweet and gentle from a common magical device – a dance of bells with an enfolded drone like sweet angel songs, sounds no one can define. Energizing chills run through me as I write and enjoy. The Angels say “you are welcome.”

Perhaps now I shall become lost in my breath, in the moment. I want to know what is within inside this breath. And this breath, too. This one too…

I will. I am. Yes yes yes.

God Bless. All is well. So be it and so it is. Worlds without end. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Peace out. Peace in.

‘Till soon