The Muse News Review: Phil Cohen is at it again, Sharie looks on…

Greetings All,

I live a life of moment to moment reflection on the trance that is commonly known as “reality,” or “the world,” or that sort of thing. Labels reveal, and breed, assumptions, it doth seem. We think we know something because we have a label for it.

As a therapist, a role I played very well at times throughout the decades (in between escapades into higher learning, global travel, writing, breakdowns, and a free-spirited, vagabond lifestyle) I grew ever more deeply fascinated by the dance of denial we all play – notably with our self talk and habits.

When we see old friends, sometimes our habits become more obvious. This is a good thing – could free up some disk space.

Today I am in a humble lodge in an unfamiliar, small, Southern, textile-factory-type town. It’s quite cool out; the sun offers those long shadows of winter on this half moon day. The solstice grows near. The trees are bare. Life seems challenging for many who live around here. Cattle graze, fields are plowed, and I am guessing conversations rarely go toward the quest to find true love, self realization, or deep spiritual fulfillment. A Baptist culture abounds. The weather is often quite mild.

I am here to visit and catch up with a man of great dignity and passion, one who is now a growing success as an author. His work-a-day, war-in-the-workplace memoir is filled with true, daring, hair raising, and tender stories which may bring forth a full spectrum of emotions. He writes with a rich, lyrical, addicting style.

His true colors are shining, and I get to see it.

I respect this gentleman deeply; a thirty year friendship is taking a new tac and setting sail again. When people know you from back then, sometimes there is much to build upon when your new projects are shared and you trust one another enough to delight in this as well as to speak up about what’s real, and very personal, with bold intensity.

He is my friend Phil Cohen. His wild, infectious laugh comes easy. His sleep often does not. His love flows like your favorite poet at their very best. His muscle-up car might need to get buffed. He likes healthy food, yet does little more than giggle about the fact he does not know how to steam vegetables. Today, its showtime for Phil once again – he is off performing his brilliant Ninja powers with sharp wit before government bodies and corporate thugs. He does this with a grace such that everyone who witnesses is left in awe. No choice about it.

Good to be here.

Love always to you, My Dear.

Over and Out for Now.

MORE INFO?: Please see Phil Cohen’s work “The Jackson Project” at your favorite book dealer. Facebook page for his book here:¬†