Daily Guidance: I Ching

Sharie Camren

Good morning and goodness be, and for goodness may we awaken and salute within each other, each moment, the very ultimate fullness of life. Nothing less.

~ Below is my gift today from a favorite site called cafeausoul.com ~

“Approach” Hexagram 19 – no changing lines

(two unbroken lines at the base, four broken above)

“When you place yourself in a position to help another, you will discover your greater capabilities.


When you rise each day like spring = everyday is a flowering. This is a fortunate hexagram to receive with no lines changing. The message is that Approach is more than a momentary event for you. Your abilities and compassion have already led you into the service of others. There is an eternal flow of abundance at your disposal. Your positive attitude makes every day feel like spring. The only warning Approach offers is when you are not being approachable. Perhaps you have cut yourself off from communication in some way? A high level of focus is placed on reaching out to someone. If that is not an option or contact isn’t reciprocated then the message of quickening suggests allowing events to unfold naturally, like seeds beneath the earth at Springtime. Perhaps a period of waiting for Approach has allowed you to cultivate talent or a type of ‘inexhaustible teaching’ that puts you at service to others. Your day will come. Just keep being patient, present and willing to do what you can to nurture others.


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