Daily Affirmations

Sharie Camren

A day of peace inside

All is well. I breathe deep. I trust here now the power within my breathe, within the essence of life.

I am the space inside holding all that is, all that I am, and all that seems to be outside me, in arms of love, nurturance, warmth…in perfection without effort. One breath at a time.

There is no other time to open my heart. I open now. I soften all my limbs and allow the breath to enter without resistance.

I am that I am the peace that lies in trust. In Faith. In the willingness to not know and stay present anyway.

With my full heart beaming I greet all beings, all happenings, with awareness, grace, appreciation, respect, and joy.

I give all that I most deeply wish to receive: loving kindness, welcoming words, trusting thoughts, constant celebrations of the endless wisdom within all beings, with gratitude at every turn – every shift in the day and season, and every change of landscape if I travel.

So Be it and so it is. Now and Forever. Worlds Without end. Amen Amen Amen


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