How to Use Medicine Wheel for Chakras: A Practice for Balance and Insight, Medicine Wheel Speaks with Chakras




Envision a Wheel as described below. Perhaps you can draw it out for yourself and then u

se the paper to also make notes.

Step One: Bring focus to Root Chakra, and from within this space of your body, slowly pay attention to each of the 5 aspects of this Wheel, allowing your chakra to speak (or sin

g or whatever shows up).

Step Two though Seven: Repeat for all chakras to crown. Take notes.

Step Eight: Do it again. Thre

e times all together.

Medicine Wheel:

North is MIND, Receiving

East is SPIRIT, Determining

South is EMOTION, Giving with Tenderness

West is BODY, Hold, Nurture, Transform (as does the Earth with a seed planted within)

Center is the VOID, Catalyze with Sexual/Life Force Energy


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