Are you seeking vibrant health and happiness? More satisfying relationships? The ability to meet challenges with ease, confidence, and flexibility?

Do you sometimes struggle with pain, illness, or fears? Are you less than satisfied with your creative life or career path?

~ “Ask and it shall be given unto you” ~

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, please reach out to discover how Sharie’s unique gifts and programs may benefit you.

“Spirit [essence] within us calls – for attention. Rapt attention. When we listen and heed this call we are rewarded beyond measure, beyond imagination.” – Sharie

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Sharie Camren is an integral healer, mentor of unique, innovative healing arts, a seer and teacher. When sharing her gifts, she naturally works with all levels simultaneously ~ physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

With visionary skills and eclectic knowledge of natural healing traditions from around the world, Sharie offers practical support for living healthy, letting go of the past, detoxing the body/mind, and creating success in every area of your life. She is a long time dedicated yogi, dance/movement therapist, learning challenge specialist, interfaith minister, writer, and renegade shaman.

In professional practice since the late 80’s, Sharie has supported thousands of clients and students along the path of healthy healing – into deeper self understanding, inner peace, and spiritual upliftment.

Learn to re-connect and re-balance your system from the inside out:  Major illnesses can be reversed: Heart dis-ease; Cancer; migraine and other pain patterns; Lupus, Lyme; Heart, lung, or vision challenges; Phobias; Learning challenges; Fatigue; Depression; Anxiety; and many other conditions…

Habits can be changed, new life awaits!


There is some not so good news:

Toxins of all kinds can drag us down. These toxins can be multi-faceted – maybe electrical, chemical, karmic/spiritual, mental/emotional, or physical in nature. Yet all aspects of our being are a continuum, never truly compartmentalized as we conceive. Negative thoughts, reactive habits and out-of-date patterns are primary players in the breakdown of harmony and health. Old emotions held in one area of our body/mind can effect any other area.

And….some GOOD News:

Everything we need to align with our true nature, with joy and vibrant physical/emotional health, and to manifest our full potential, is within us. Through awareness, education, trust, and fortitude, we CAN find harmony again and feel GOOD, consistently. (This is the goal of our work together.)


“It’s all an inside job. As necessary mirrors – without which we cannot see our own reflection – we support each other as we wake up to the truth inside, of our Inner Being… and come back home to Now.”




SHARIE CAMREN was aware of her innate healing abilities early in life. Introduced to yoga at age 5, she practiced energy healing, studied dance, and took up an intensive program of daily meditation as a youth in the 1970’s. She embarked upon her professional counseling/healing practice in 1989.

Always eclectic and a nonconformist, the sharing of her own unique movement therapies, yoga, chi gong, shamanic ceremonials, and creative empowerment (Law of Attraction) workshops have been a great pleasure in recent decades.

Sharie studied with practitioners to develop her medical intuitive skills in the mid 1980’s in North Carolina, where she raised her two daughters (now both graduates of UNC, Chapel Hill).

In addition to subsequent formal certification training in Hypnotherapy and Educational Kinesiology, and multiple apprenticeships with shamans of North American, Peruvian, and Mongolian decent,  she trained with Emilie Conrad in Continuum Movement, 1998.

Other credentials include:

Bachelors of Arts in Holistic Studies from Vermont College, 2010.

Ordained Minister, Order of Melchizedek (Sanctuary of the Beloved, Rochester NY), 1988;

Graduate, Lee Kit’s Acting School of Ashland, OR, 1996;

Certified Hypnotherapist, American Hypnotherapy institute, Burbank, CA, 1992;

Certification as Brain Gym* Instructor (Educational Kinesiology Foundation, 1989-1999);

NC Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists, 2000 – 2007.

Certification Reiki II, June 2007

Related Experience:

Non Violent Communication & Conflict Resolution Intensives, 2010 and 2012

Peruvian tour and study with Shaman, Herbalist, and Senior Scholar of Inkan Culture, Reuben Orellana: 2006

Study with Franka Fiala, Seer, Hypnotherapist, and Master Trainer at Art of Embracing, Puerto Rico, 2013

Brazilian Healing Expedition, John of God, Spring, 2013



“Healer, heal thyself”

Other Influences to Sharie’s work include:

Donna Eden ~ Eden Energy Medicine; Byron Katie ~ “The Work of Byron Katie;” Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks ~ Jerry and Esther Hicks (Law of Attraction); Eckhart Tolle ~ “A New Earth” and “The Power of Now;” Emilie Conrad-Daud ~ Continuum Movement; “A Course in Miracles;” Grandmother Pa’ Ri’ Sha’ ~ Cherokee Elder and shaman; Jade WaHoo, Yute and Mongolian Shaman; Louise Hay ~ “You Can Heal Your Life;” Carol Anthony ~ “A Guide to the I Ching;” Stephen Mitchell ~ “Tao Te Ching;” Prem Rawat ~ Words of Peace; Gestalt Therapy; Dorian Murtha ~ medical intuitive & spiritual healer; etc…