Are you seeking vibrant health and happiness?

Do you begin each day feeling joyful and ready to celebrate the beauty you are, inside and out? Are enjoying the contrast of the “10 thousand things”? Are you consistently creating what you know you want – for yourself and others? Do you greet challenges, big or small, with confidence and flexibility?

“Ask and it shall be given unto you”

“An answer always awaits within…”

Do you sometimes struggle with pain? Do you feel stuck, fatigued, frustrated, or unfulfilled? Do you feel blocked creatively or less than satisfied with your relationships or career path? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, please reach out to see how Sharie’s unique approach may benefit you.

For private appointments (distance or in person) or more information on classes and apprenticeships, you may call anytime:

978 378 0888  – 

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My intention is to return all calls/contacts within 48 hours. (Note: messages are sometimes lost, and connectivity can be inconsistent – especially while I am traveling, so please be persistent and repeat messages not returned within 48 hours. Texting the above number also works.)

Who dat?

Sharie Camren is a student of life and always honored to be of service. She is a Master Teacher of Innovative Healing Arts, a mentor, speaker, self care trainer and consultant, and a feng shui guide. With visionary skills and knowledge of a wide variety of natural healing traditions, Sharie offers practical support and guidance for learning effective ways to live and eat for long term health, to work with others cooperatively, and to re-connect and re-balance your system(s) from the inside out – heart, mind, body, and soul. She is a long time dedicated yogi, dance and movement therapist, learning challenge specialist, interfaith minister, meditator, writer, shaman, and seer.  In professional practice since the 80’s, she has supported thousands of clients and students along the path of healthy healing – into deeper self understanding, inner peace, and spiritual upliftment.

Major illnesses can be reversed: Cancer, migraine and other pain patterns, Lupis, Lyme, heart, lung, or vision challenges, phobias, learning challenges, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and many, many other conditions. Habits can be changed, new life awaits.

Individual sessions, and 3 to 5 day intensives, are available in person or by phone.

There is no fee for initial consultations. You may leave a detailed confidential voicemail. I am most often in Eastern Time zone, USA. Please leave good times to reach you and provide your current time zone. Skype or other venues are options for long distance sessions.

Classes and Emotional Stress Release demonstrations are periodically available online and in-person on the East Coast of North America as well as other places in the world.

Introductory sessions are also sometimes available for social groups or on location at your workplace, so please ask!

There is some BAD news:

Toxins of all kinds can drag us down. These can be electrical, chemical, karmic/spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical in nature. Negative thoughts, reactive habits and out-dated patterns are primary players in the breakdown of harmony and health. Old emotions held in one area of our body/mind can effect other areas.

…And some GOOD News!

Everything we need to align with our true nature, with joy and health, and to manifest our full potential, is within us. Through awareness, education, trust and fortitude, we CAN find harmony again and feel GOOD. (This IS the goal of our work together!)

“It’s all an inside job. And like mirrors – without which we cannot see our own reflection – we can support each other as we wake up to reality, to the truth of our Being, and come back home to now.”



SHARIE CAMREN was aware of her innate healing abilities early in life. Introduced to yoga at age 5, she practiced energy healing, studied dance, and took up an intensive program of daily meditation as a youth in the 1970’s. She embarked upon her professional counseling/healing practice in 1989.

Always eclectic and a nonconformist, the sharing of her own unique movement therapies, yoga, chi gong, shamanic ceremonials, and creative empowerment (Law of Attraction) workshops have been a great pleasure in recent decades.

Sharie studied with practitioners to develop her medical intuitive skills in the mid 1980’s in North Carolina, where she raised her two daughters (now both graduates of UNC, Chapel Hill).

In addition to subsequent formal certification training in Hypnotherapy and Educational Kinesiology, and multiple apprenticeships with shamans of North American and Mongolian decent,  she trained with Emilie Conrad in Continuum Movement, 1998.

Other credentials include:

Bachelors of Arts in Holistic Studies from Vermont College, 2010.

Ordained Minister, Order of Melchizedek (Sanctuary of the Beloved, Rochester NY, 1988);

Graduate, Lee Kit’s Acting School of Ashland, OR, 1996;

Certified Hypnotherapist, American Hypnotherapy institute, Burbank, CA, 1992;

Certification as Brain Gym* Instructor (Educational Kinesiology Foundation, 1989 -1999);

NC Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists, 2000 – 2007.



“Healer, heal thyself”